2005 In our company started the production life, Turkey 's still quite proud to be the first and only company making domestic production. 2001 since 2005 Until the year,infrastructure,quality,and R & D activities with leading universities of the tamamlamıştır.türkiye, received from academic staff, with the scientific support, European and world standards, has managed to make a product. At all stages of production in-house staff and its experience, product revealed, has managed to become a sought-after brand in a short time.

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Do you know these?

Clean Intermittent Catheterization ( YES ) What is?

TAK in people's bladder (bladder) Regular urine, To ensure the safe and appropriate discharge and urinary bladder to the outside in order to give the drug has worn path and slippery thin flexible probe.

YES ( Later ) Why Use?

Instead of checking the patient's life provides the patient to control their bladder. These methods provide efficient emptying of the bladder as well as the patient would help dry. TAK application empties urine accumulates inside causing recurrent infections and helps to protect the kidneys. TAK applications to increase the quality of life and are known to maintain a healthy life of patients with this method.

Few Times A Day TAC should be done?

Catheterization frequency may vary depending on many factors,. Bladder volume, fluid intake, Industrial products testing stands up after remaining in the bladder (residual) urine and urodynamic criteria (bladder compliance and pressure) is decided by looking at the frequency of catheterization. To allow a full bladder stuffed, at least a day 4 should be done once. Are you following the physician should determine the frequency of TAK.

What are the Benefits of TAK Applications?

CIC implements frequency urinary system infection in patients less significant when compared with patients on long-term catheter. Üst üriner sistem, protected from damage that may occur to reflüsonuc. As the patient has the ability to control their bladder, would not lose its independence. Mesanenincinsel relationship before adulthood with this method is avoided by ensuring that urinary incontinence is empty, thereby allowing a healthy sex life. The patient's quality of life and satisfaction can be increased.